¡Aqui! The magazine that's as big as you! In 1983 three artists got together to collaborate on a project. They were Cliff Baldwin, Julie Bradrick and Davi Det Hompson, artists who had met and worked together at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri in the late 70's. They all shared an affinity for the printed word, powerful images and the Fluxus spirit. Hompson being an ordained Fluxus artist since 1962 was the most experienced of the trio, having met George Maciunas and participated in the New York Fluxus scene early in his career. Both Baldwin and Bradrick were producing their own artist's books, prints and pamphlets and had begun doing installations involving huge rooms plastered with printed imagery and text. The concept of creating a publication that would function as a mobile gallery or alternative space on the page appealed to all three. Thus was born ¡Aqui!, Spanish meaning "here". ¡Aqui! would be a portable collapsible art space that existed wherever the viewer was at the time. In New York, Baldwin and Bradrick found Norman Lassiter, a silkscreener who was cranking out Warhol's early 80's print editions and was eager to work with two new young artists' new ideas. The first issue of ¡Aqui! featured the work of Hompson in August of 1984 to be followed by Baldwin in September, then Bradrick in October of the same year. November brought with it the presidential election double issue of Les Levine and Barbara Kruger. Steve Gianakos was published in January of 1985. General Idea premiered in April of 1985 and Gilbert & George were shown in September of 1985. Hompson was shown again in February of 1986 and Baldwin again in March of that same year. Ten issues in all were put out in the space of less than two years. In assessing the success of the project fueled entirely out of the publishers' own pockets, Baldwin, Hompson and Bradrick decided that promoting the work of other artists was not what they really wanted to continue doing. ¡Aqui! was now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center, The National Gallery of Canada, The RISD Art Museum and numerous other private art collections around the world. The three decided to focus on their own solo careers in New York City and Richmond. Baldwin and Hompson regrouped in 1990 to work as an artist collaborative under the name AQUI. Julie Bradrick died unexpectedly in 1991. Baldwin+Hompson, the word-artist duo was formed in 1992 and exhibited new work successfully in Germany, Japan, Dallas, Richmond and New York. They published a catalogue of their new work, exhibited multiples in Tokyo and Cologne and in 1995 were exhibiting a double installation of multiples and sculpture at the Anderson Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University when Hompson while walking near his home died of a heart attack. Cliff Baldwin continues to work with language from his studio on the North Fork of Long Island. ¡Aqui! is still available to all who are interested.